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Advantages of membership
Dear Visitor!
The members of our Business Club are interested and involved, want and can take actions to facilitate the development of the bilateral Czech-Hungarian trade and business relations. Through this common platform they support cooperation between various Czech and Hungarian companies.
Above and beyond preserving Czech-Hungarian cultural traditions, our uniform commercial approach appears in the European Union as an authentic route.
In addition to taking an active but deliberate economic approach in the Czech-Hungarian business area, our Association provides an innovative operating framework for all club members.
Within the framework of the Club, we regularly organize Czech-Hungarian professional seminars presenting Czech-Hungarian business opportunities available in a variety of fields.
Through our services, we offer quick access to economic information directly or indirectly affecting commerce and to methods which are proved efficient on the long-run. Through our interest-representation activities, we provide effective solutions, even in exceptionally challenging situations. Our connection network operated by the Business Club provides various opportunities for club members to reach economic security. Thanks to our advocacy groups and continuously cultivated relations, today our Association -with its activity and cooperation practice- represents the Czech-Hungarian business circles.
The above goodwill created by the conduct of the Czech-Hungarian Business Club is guaranteed by the process of recruiting new members. Before joining, our members go through a selection, qualification and certification process.
Please indicate your intention to join the Club by completing, signing and sending the attached declaration to the Secretariat of the Association (
Declaration for joining: